South Asian Review of International Law, Volume 1 (2020)

International Law is the field central to state sovereignty and its approaches to power. The 21st century has witnessed International Law to be a dynamic and acrocentric field in a more comprehensive perspective. The role of Europe and the Atlantic does not only dominate the popular diplomatic and legal discourse because the role of China, Russia, the Asia-Pacific region and Africa will balance and re-amalgamate the concept of power and relations. The role of South Asia therefore is central to the global economic and political order, to study and understand the epistemological and anthropomorphic role of the global rules-based international order. The South Asian Journal of International Law, our international law editorial venture, endorses such relevant scholarship and policy research by students, researchers and professionals interested and committed to the field of international law and relations, from their doctrinal to non-doctrinal underpinnings.

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Abhivardhan, Aryakumari Sailendraja, Bulbul Khaitan, Sulekha Agarwal, Udomo Ali & Nikhil Dongol.

ISBN: 978-81-947926-1-1 (Online)

ISBN: 979-86-834374-1-1 (Paperback)

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Printed and distributed online by AbhiGlobal Legal Research & Media LLP in the Republic of India.

First edition, Volume 1, 2020.

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