Global Relations and Legal Policy, Volume 1 (2020)

Global Relations and Legal Policy is a special edited book published by the team of Internationalism Editorials. The book is special coverage of policy papers, international law and relations anthologies and briefs by our Research Editors and in short, is a collection of novel ideas and propositions which researchers, editors and interns at Internationalism do make. We have also published some of the miscellaneous works on International Law and Relations in this Volume. We believe the Discussion Papers are special proposals that have been accepted for the purpose of academic scholarship and open & rational discussion, and thus we do not claim any of the content enumerated in the book as a resemblance to the values and ideas of Internationalism and the Editors involved in the process. We would like to express my deepest gratitude to the members of the Global Legal Innovation Advisory of Internationalism and our Core Team for their support in making the editorial process possible.

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